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[GloryHole.com]  - Hannah Hays - GloryHole

Date: 2018
Genre: IR, Big Black Cock, 1 on 1, 18+ Teens, Barely Legal, Blonde, Facial, Fetish, Petite, Shaved, Tattoos
Description: Hannah Hays has been poking around her boyfriend's "stash", and by stash, we mean his jerk material. Hannah's boyfriend loves interracial porn, and now, so does Hannah! She's been in his stash for months, and she's grabbed one of her man's DVD's and brought it into the neighborhood adult book store! Hannah wants more! There's only one problem. Hannah doesn't want her boyfriend knowing anything, from going through his personal stuff to masturbating to big black cocks when he's not home! The friendly clerk offers up one of the arcade booths in the back of the store, with the following warning: "be careful back there! Lots of pervs and creeps!" Hannah carries on, to her own private booth. It smells like cum in there, but Hannah needs her fix. The young lady has no idea what's in store for her, but when that 10-inch piece of throbbing, black meat appears, Hannah's down. What a cheater! What a black cock slut! And watch, after the stranger dumps a large load all over Hannah's pretty face, what she does! It's classic, snow bunny behavior.

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Size: 269 MiB
Resolution: 432 x 768
Duration: 23 min 53 s
Type: 432p


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