[BackroomCastingCouch.com] Erica - Erica

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[BackroomCastingCouch.com] Erica - Erica

Date: 2018
Genre: Anal, Creampie, Black Hair, Latina, Piercing, Toy
Description: Judging by the look of skepticism on 20 year old Latina Erica's face, she clearly isn't so sure about what she is walking in to. A job audition at 11 at night in a bare-bones office, cheap bright lights, and 2 dudes eager to get her naked - well these porn jobs better be worth it, she might be thinking. Well, the late night time slot was actually her request - something about not wanting to alert her not-boyfriend-just-a-fuck-buddy about her imminent porn plans. Why porn though? The usual answer: Erica needs money to pay bills, and "like, you know, I like having sex and stuff with, like, guys". Eloquently put, Erica, don't quit your retail job. Someone who doesn't watch porn and isn't even sure she's ever given a blowjob correctly needs a lot of reassurances and confidence boosters, which she gets here in spades. Finally we get her naked and see if she can take the biggest butt plug we have. She can't. Not all the way, at least. But the good news is that she didn't shut down the anal thing altogether at this point, so it's clear what Vince is going to do: get that chick to take his dick in the ass as soon as possible. After enduring one of the lamest blowjobs in, like, ever (sorry, "like" is contagious), and pounding our applicant's pussy while bent over the desk, Vince doesn't waste more time and jumps the D in the A on her. Check out her facial expressions when she takes it in the butt for the first time. We do a picture in picture here so you don't miss a thing. Delicious. Young Erica does the butt sex better than BJ and the old school vajayjay pokin' thing, so if Vince or I were actual modeling agents, we could probably get her real jobs just for that. But alas, after all the ass-fucking, Vince blasts his sperm inside Erica's pussy (nothing beats pussy to cum in, not even ass) and we send her packing, with a free morning-after pill as the reward for her "casting". We are generous like that. When she thinks the cameras are off, Erica admits to liking anal sex with Vince, and she'll ask other guys to do it to her now too.
Models: Erica

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