Amateur Boxxx - SITERIP

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Amateur Boxxx - SITERIP

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Johnny is sitting in his girlfriend’s living room with her lame parents. They are watching a movie that Johnny really hates. Johnny and his GF, Aria, have a blanket over them and he tries to put his hand up her skirt and rub her pussy, but she totally denies him and says no and gets really upset in front of everyone. Aria’ Parents completely freak out and get super pissed. Aria calls Johnny a total perv for trying to touch her in front of her family. Her parents begin to yell at him some more and Aria’s Step-Dad tells Johnny that he needs to leave his house immediately. But Johnny has other plans. He quickly goes into his book bag and pulls out his magical orb and turns it on. He makes them stare into the moving lights and suddenly
everyone in the room is under his control. Johnny proceeds to cuckold the step-dad and fuck his hot Milf wife and teen step-daughter right in front of him. Step-Dad cheers Johnny on and eats popcorn likes it’s the greatest show on earth. Once he is done fucking them both he makes Aria’s Step-mom swallow his cum. They all get dressed and he tells them to forget the last two hours. He snaps his fingers, hauls ass, and 30 seconds later the family snaps out of it. Aria’s Family has no idea why her and her Step-Mother are naked. Her step-father completely freaks while Johnny gets away smoothly.The Joker is up to his no good ways and is wondering the streets talking to himself and laughing hysterically. He has a large bomb like device with him that is flashing purple. He is feeling full of himself and he stops at a bus stop in the middle of the city and yells that he is going to destroy Gotham. He calls out for anyone to come and challenge him. All of a sudden Female Robin handstands into the frame. The two of them square off and fight old school superhero style. Robin starts to over power him but Joker stops for a second, puts on glasses and says, “you wouldn’t hit a fella with glasses would you?”. Robin knows it’s a trick and she punches him in the nose and breaks his glasses anyway. After a few more bips, bops, and kapows Robin of course wins and grabs the device to turn it off. Joker isn’t finished with his tricks and he pulls out a remote control from his pocket and presses a button. All of a sudden the Device emits a powerful purple smoke and suddenly Robin is under the Joker’s control. The Joker proceeds to make her do various commands and he has her obey him like a slave. He has her masturbate, then blow him, suck on his balls, he tea bags her, then he fucks her every which way. When he is done having his way with her, The Joker shoots his load deep inside her tight Super Pussy. He then leaves Robin on the park bench half naked and goes to search for his next victim, Lois lane.

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