OnlyGoldDigger – Nelly Kent – Gold Digger old man`s cash fuck my gash with Nelly Kent and Choky …

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OnlyGoldDigger – Nelly Kent –  Gold Digger old man`s cash fuck my gash with Nelly Kent and Choky …

Minding his own business in a Budapest street, stud CHOKY ICE is accosted by a classic gold digger in the curvaceous form of sexy NELLY KENT. This in high heels and a figure revealing outfit is lost and looking for a designer shop where she can spend her rich old boyfriend`s cash on Gucci, Yves St Laurent and Louboutin. Yes, NELLY is a girl with VERY expensive tastes. CHOKY does not know of any such shops but when NELLY shows him a special boutique she wants, he says it is on the opposite side of the city, several miles away. He offers to give NELLY a lift, but warns her that first he needs to pop into his own home.
NELLY IS grateful for the lift and she is also eyeing CHOKY as a possible replacement for her old sixty-something boyfriend, so she watches him like a fox with a chicken. At his house she is impressed by the quality of the place – clearly CHOKY is quite rich. So NELLY does the thing all gold diggers do – she decides to drop her pants and see what he is like in the sex department. She begins by touching his "personal furniture" as she calls his cock. When CHOKY tells her to slow down, NELLY replies that shopping can wait, "Sex is for now".
She unzips his dick and starts sucking and licking his knob until the guy is good and hard. Soon CHOKY and NELLY are both losing some of their clothes as he pushes her back over the furniture and buries his tongue deep inside her twat. Her trim shaved cunt is juicy and the whore is begging for it! He licks away at her clitoris making NELLY moan with pleasure. Soon the pair are going through a whole series of classic fuck positions – doggy, spoons, missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The latter positions allow us to enjoy NELLY`s "C" cup natural big breasts as she rides the guy`s meat like the seasoned champion whore and that she is. CHOKY keeps up the fucking, slamming his solid manmeat deep inside her cunt as his greasy pole, glistening with cunt juice, moves in and out.
But NELLY is a true slut; she begs him to fuck her ass! CHOKY naturally obliges and slides his thick cock greasily up the whore`s Hershe Highway for a good cavity search! NELLY just adores having her backdoor rammed in this way and its a joy to see the way she rides this meat in her asshole – or slips off the tool to lick it nice and clean from out of her shitter!
Finally CHOKY can`t hold back anymore and pulls his dick out to spray NELLY`S lips and tits with a thick stream of jism! NELLY smiles and licks up some of the goo. What a good slut!
Afterwards she asks CHOKY if he would like to have her as a girlfriend – he is, after all, younger, better-looking and more virile than her old lover She is surprised when he says that despite the fantastic fuck, he does not want to date her! Girls who ask for cash to go shopping and need designer stuff, says CHOKY, are not his thing. But she was a great fuck! So he offers to drop her at the shop she wants in town and NELLY, having had a good lay, goes off to waste some money from her rich and stupid old boyfriend!

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