Blair - SITERIP

Goldie towers over you verbally humiliating you after loosing to her in wrestling as she victory poses and taunts you with kissing her boots that kicked your ass! to humiliate you further she takes off the stinky boots and makes you inhale the sweat inside them and on her socked feet ,sticking her feet in your face to sniff and worship finally baring her sweaty feet in your face then placing the sweat soaked sock over your face to inhale the stench of defeat!Goldie in her short skirt showing off her sexy bare legs and feet to cock tease you with as she dirty talks and poses seductively crinkling and flexing her high arched feet and strong sexy calf and thighs , she slowly tries on different stocking socks on showing off her toes though the shear stocking then adding high heels to tease you with , adding to the tease as she slowly claws with her nails the stocking ripping it from her leg just leaving around her feet as she kicks off the heel showing bare foot verses stocking and heel before ripping that too showing her naked feet and legs again!Goldie your sexy Milf Girlfriend has dressed as a sexy Space Girl knowing how much of a Syfi buff you are with all your collectable toys which two of your Star Trek phaser she has out of their packaging and is playing with and toying with you as she verbally humiliates you how you love these stupid toys more than her so she will crush them in front of you as she tells you to JOI , she trows them down on the floor and using her thigh high sexy boots she tramples and crushes them to see your reaction, will you be able to be as turned on as she is destroying your collectables or beg for mercy ?Goldie in some very sexy fuck-me-pumps gets you down on your knees to submissively salivate while she cock teases you with her high heel shoe danging perfect sexy feet and up at her toned sexy legs as without a word she cock teases,licking her luscious lips,shaking her big sexy tits, dominates you and belittles you where you belong at her feet!Goldie is ready to POV box You for the title as she shadow boxes and trash talks about how you are just a has been and when the boxing begins your blows barely have an impact on her, Goldie pulls up her blouse to show her hard abs of steel inviting you to give them a pounding as still she verbally and physically humiliates you with her hard hits, ripping open her blouse Hulk style shoeing what you are up against with her giant heaving breasts she yet again invites you to try tit busting them but soon she turns the table on you with a breast slam to your face knocking you down then keeping you down with a barrage of blows and taunts how she is always the champ

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