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She is like a dark butterfly so beautiful and inaccessible. It was raining outside, and I hurried to my house. My wife was waiting for me in a black clothes. She wore a satin dress, her sexy legs were clad in black stockings, her tender hands wore black long satin gloves. She was beautiful. I did not expect such a surprise. She gave me a good handjob, and then we had sex. She experienced an orgasm and after 2 minutes I cum to her legs in stockings.Angel, here is what I want
Outfit: white sleeveless knit & black pantyhose & high heels Hairstyle: formal updos with blunt bangs

Script: Angel is an elegant lady who is also sex addicted. She is meeting with her future son-in-law William for the first time alone in her living room and find him to be very sexually attractive to her. (give close-up views of her face, neck, breasts, legs, feet and other body parts during this scene.) She starts to seduce him with flirty eye contact, languages and then touches his penis with hands and legs. She then walks up behind him and pull his dick out of his pants unexpectedly and gives him a hand job from behind (kiss ears and rub balls at the same time). Angel's son-in-law can not resist the seduction and let her do what ever she wants to him. Angel performs massive blowjobs & handjobs(POV) in every position she knows and always has indecent smiles on her face since she really enjoyed it. She also teases him with her beautiful legs and feet white giving blowjobs. (please include as many blowjob positions as you can)

Her son-in-law feels embarrassed for being so passive in the sex and decide to be more positive. He holds her chin with one hand and taps her tongue with his dick and then penetrate her mouth wildly. He asks Angel to suck his dick while squatting on the ground like a doggy and she doesn't refuse at all. He also pulls his dick out of her mouth and walk backward couple times during the blowjob, for Angel will crawl like a cat and chase him to suck his dick. (be very submissive and keep innocent eye looks) Finally William cums all over her face (while she's hanging her tongue out) and she then clean up his dick with her mouth and tongue. Angel looks very happy and satisfied and asks him to visit her more often.Let's change the look now to a Bimbo Barbie Like Secretary with very bright pink and super glossy lipstick like in this clip and the photo. Hair in pigtails. Heavy makeup and big long eye lashs. Lips overlined as always , make them as big as you possibly can. The outfit is up to you as long as it is a really tight low top, maybe a t shirt which you can pull down under your Bra. See through even better. Tight clingy pencil skirt and super high heels.

You are a really dumb Bimbo Secretary that is really just your boss's plaything. You are sat at your desk usual teasing of boss eyeing up your super cleavage and giving flash's of your stockings. He gets a hard on lusting after you stood up right by your face. You reach out and start to rub his cock through his trousers. Telling him you hope he's going to give you a big fat bonus this month and that his trousers must be uncomfortable with such a big hard on. Undo his trousers and let them drop and continue rubbing his cock through his boxers until he is rock hard. Pull his pants down and his Cock jumps out right by your Pink Big Glossy lips. Tell him you are his sex doll and you are going to stick his big hard cock to the back of your throat. Cup your breasts for maximum cleavage and slowly take his rock hard cock mm by mm right to the base. After the first few stokes right to the base every time, come out and say you love sucking his big hard cock, be really dirty and slutty in the clip with lots of dirty talk, spit on his cock and really go fast and hard taking him right to the base with EVERY stroke giving him a super sloppy deepthroat. You have got so good at it, I love seeing his cock pushing down your throat, you can see how far it is with your neck bulging as its fully down your throat.

This time, you decide positions but as always, lots of cleavage, close ups, stocking's etc. face fucking, thats not always to the base so please make sure when he is face fucking you, its right down your throat. After a few more deepthroats right to the base, "Oh fuck I love it, I want you to fuck my dirty slut mouth" do some more deepthroating in 1st position with you in control.
move to 2nd position( your choice) and say " Oh sir, please fuck my dirty mouth, push your fucking hard cock right to the back of my fucking throat" let him
slowly force his cock right to the back of your throat and after a few full deep strokes right to the base say "You fucking love it don't you , you dirty fucker, is that all you've got. Give me a proper face fucking, I want you to make me gag and drool , fuck my face now" and spit on his cock.

let him give you a really hard fast face fucking.

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